Bioeconomy Impact 2016 - Connecting People, Projects and Purse Strings to Deliver Innovation in the Bioeconomy

by Frederic Augustin

Venue: 10 - 11 February 2016, Castleknock Hotel & Country Club Porterstown Road, Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland

A better exploitation of research results is one of the key drivers to European economic growth and societal innovations. Researchers receiving public funding are increasingly challenged to foster the exploitation of their results in order to demonstrate the impacts and benefits of investing in scientific research. Knowledge transfer to industry and society as well as communication beyond academia are both levers to increase the impact of scientific results and/or developments. A core activity of the EU-funded CommBeBiz project is to offer support to bioeconomy researchers in search of identification of impact fields and outreach. The conference “Bioeconomy Impacts 2016” therefore will focus on discussions and solutions for improved exploitation of research results, with keynotes and workshops to enhance capacities and key skills in impact identification and impact creation.

Bioeconomy Impact 2016: Who should attend?

Bioeconomy Impact 2016 is free to attend for all members of CommBeBiz – to register to the CommBeBiz project, just sign up for free on the website of CommBeBiz. The event is targeted at all stakeholders with an interest in ensuring publicly-funded research has a meaningful impact on European society – this includes researchers, industry, policy-makers, and all other interested stakeholders.

If you have been or are currently working in an EC-funded research project, or are in the process of writing proposals for EC funding streams (e.g. H2020), then you will benefit from attending our workshops.

Bioeconomy Impact 2016: What to expect?

- Take part in an open discussion on scientific, economic and social impacts in the European Bioeconomy
- Hear from the experiences of established stakeholders in the EU bioeconomy on how to achieve impact from your research
- Participate in high-energy workshops which will teach you to understand and clearly communicate the impact of your bioeconomy research
- Take home cognitive tools and mechanisms to position your research in a way that may lead to new opportunities (commercial opportunities; funding opportunities; collaboration opportunities)
- Post your details on The Network Wall to discover new contacts in a personal and fun way

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