Our partners CNRS, UNISTRA and PROTEUS will attend BioSynSys 2015

by Martin Knorr

Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology comprise different topics and tools developed for the past thirty years. The current interest around these two disciplines comes from the fact that they emphasize a multidisciplinary view of biology, and constant interactions with other scientific disciplines (Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics). The GDR 3699 "Synthetic and Systems Biology" created on 1 January 2015 will favour exchanges between all French teams working in these areas.

This first conference of the GDR - BioSynSys 2015 - will bring together the participating teams around the following topics:

  • Engineering of biological networks and their regulation
  • Protein and biocatalysts engineering
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Genome engineering
  • Orthogonal Biology
  • Integrative and predictive Biology
  • Modelling of biological phenomena
  • Computer-Aided Design for synthetic Biology
  • Ethics and Society
  • Development of tools / methodology for synthetic Biology
  • Development for industrial purposes 
  • Nanotechnology and automation for synthetic Biology

All presentations will be in English.

biosynsys2015 Scienesconf

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