September 2016

Great work, Ronan

We want to thank Ronan who is finishing his work on P4SB at our partner's university in Surrey. Ronan made a successful contribution to the P4SB project by developing a consortium of E. coli and Pseudomonas for PET degradation.

You did great work, Ronan! Good luck for your career!

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Our partner SynBio lab at Surrey:

Kevin O'Connor is honoured with the NovaUCD Innovation Award

Kevin O’Connor, a leading green technologies researcher and innovator at UCD, has been honoured with the NovaUCD 2016 Innovation Award!

The Award was presented to Professor O’Connor, a professor at the UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science and a principal investigator at the UCD Earth Institute.


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The pollutants in our cosmetics

The plastics we cannot see also hurt the planet. When we think of plastic: bottles, containers, fabrics, toys and foams come to mind. But further, we dump large amounts of plastics into the environment and we are not even able to see them.

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P4SB has its next scientific publication.

Our partner CSIC -or to be more precise- Auxi Prietro from CSIC has written the next scientific article about P4SB.
We appreciate your work; very well done, Auxi!

Link to the article: