March 2018

P4SB to Appear at Ocean Plastics Lab!

P4SB has been invited to showcase our project in the international travelling exhibition, the Ocean Plastics Lab!

The Ocean Plastics Lab is a public exhibition about science. It showcases the contribution of science to understanding and combating the problem of plastics in our world's oceans. The Lab will travel to various locations worldwide, inviting the public to engage with different types of scientific work being done right now around the world.

The Ocean Plastics Lab has been initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research together with the European Commission and the German Marine Research Consortium.

Go find ou more about the Ocean Plastics Lab on their Webpage!

[Image Source: Ocean Plastics Lab Webpage Header]

Drug-producing bacteria possible with synthetic biology breakthrough - University of Surrey Press Release

P4SB is acknowledged in a press release by the University of Surrey. This release was written by Natasha Meredith and first published on 13 March 2018:
"Drug-producing bacteria possible with synthetic biology breakthrough - Bacteria could be programmed to efficiently produce drugs, thanks to ground breaking new research from the University of Surrey and the University of Warwick."
Curious? Read the full Press Release here!