We have a new partner!

We are happy to introduce our new partner New_InnoNet!

NEW_InnoNet´s main goal is to mobilise stakeholders towards joint efforts aimed at implementing circular economy approaches and thus develop and reinforce solid foundations for building the European Near-Zero waste Platform.


Predatory bacterium that kills to obtain bioplastic

Congrats to Auxiliadora and her team from our project partner CSIC having achieved this important milestone in gaining bioplastic from P. putida:    http://www.agenciasinc.es/en

Support for the European Federation of Biotechnology

P4SB supports the idea of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) to urge European decision makers to provide a framework in which scientific developments, including applications of so-called Synthetic Biology (= P4SB), can flourish. Read here the full statement!


P4SB in the Portland Press!

Thanks to the contribution of our partner University of Surrey P4SB has its next scientific publication. The article explains "Properties of alternative microbial hosts used in Synthetic Biology: Towards the design of a modular chassis".




What is a microplastic?

A great animated infographics by CNN, tracing the breakdown of plastics into increasingly smaller fragments.

Click here for more: http://edition.cnn.com/videos

German health magazine writes about P4SB

P4SB is part of the article "Kommt nicht in die TĂĽte" in "Vigo Gesundheit" published by the public health insurance AOK, issue 5, October/November 2016, pp. 40-41 (in german only).

P4SB participates in the EC-Workshop

P4SB is happy to announce its participation in the EC-Workshop on Maximising the impact of KET Biotechnology taking place in Brussels from 15th to 16th of November in Brussels. Our project partners BIOPLASTECH and CSIC are presenting our project within the section of cutting-edge biotechnologies and are contributing to the panel debate: Maximizing the impact of KET Biotechnology.

Shane and Auxi, good luck!

P4SB on the Innovation Union Youtube page!

Thanks to the European Commission, the P4SB film from earlier this year is now part of the “Key Enabling Technologies” playlist on the Innovation Union Youtube page with a selection of NMBP projects.

Click here for more


Deadline? 30th of November

Be part of the next special issue of Microbial Biotechnology with the titel: 'From complex waste to valuable plastic'

Submission deadline is the 30th of November 2016

This Special issue aims to present the most innovative advances in the field of waste bioconversion through mini-reviews, research articles, research notes, and opinion pieces.

More information: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com

Plastic Waste and Dancing?

"What do plastic waste and dancing have in common?"
P4SB is exited to announce that we are part of the "Auf dem Sprung Festival".
This Friday Prof. Lars Blank will give a lecture about the project while the perfroming group "TRASHedy" gives a a workshop and also performs.