Vice-Chancellor’s response to the EU referendum result

Brexit- how does it affect P4SB and it's partners?

""Following the UK electorate’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), I know that people will have a lot of questions, many of which we cannot easily answer today. However, in the short-term there will not be any immediate material change to the immigration status of current and prospective staff and students, nor to the way the UK University sector participates in EU programmes such as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus."-Professor G Q Max Lu, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey

Let´s keep our fingers crossed that the referendum has no serious consequences for our P4SB-project!


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Melissa Hart wins Foundation prize

Congratulations to Melissa Hart, who worked for our close partner SynBio lab at the University of Surrey. She has not only graduated today but also won the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation prize to the best Biochemistry project of this year!

Melissa worked under the supervision of Manuel Salvador and developed a molecular tool for CRISPRi in Pseudomonas putida. Her work was part of Surrey's contribution to P4SB.


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How to write a Data Management Plan

As data management is essential in our P4SB project, we encourage our members to participate in the webinar "How to write a Data Management Plan".


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17th European Congress on Biotechnology

A European Federation of Biotechnology

Need an interesting way to connect to the world of Biotechnology?
Try the 17th European Congress on Biotechnology Kraków!

The Congress will provide an excellent opportunity for interaction between the scientific community and many segments of the biotechnology industry to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and their applications.

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Congratulations to Manuel for winning the poster price

We are very proud to announce, that the poster of Manuel from our project partner University of Surrey has been selected as the best poster of the symposium “Bioenergia y Bioproductos” at the BIO.IBEROAMERICA 2016 congres.

Very well done, Manuel and congratulations from the entire consortium!


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Presentation at UK Society for Biomaterials

Thanks to Maria Manoli from our project partner CSIC, who presented a P4SB-related poster at the UK Society for Biomaterials Meeting in London (Westminster). Well done, Maria!


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Presentation by Project Partner CSIC

Our project partner CSIC gave a P4SB presentation with the title "Protein interactions drive the intracellular organization of bioplastics produced by P. putida" at the BIO.IBEROAMERICA 2016, which took place from 5 to 8 June 2016 in Salamanca. Well done, Natalia!

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New Study: More plastic particles than fish in the Danube

More plastic particles than larval fish in the Danube

Colourful crumbs in the sand: plastic waste is now also visible on many beaches. The tiny microparticles have serious consequences for fish - and for the entire ecosystem, as proven by a new study.

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Construct a Ship to clean the Ocean? -Great Idea!

A small dockyard in northern Germany has taken the plastic problem of the oceans. They build a catamaran named "sea cow" to collect (plastic) waste.

The design is ingenious.

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Forum BioChem 2016

The Forum BioChem Event went more than awesome!

P4SB also wants to highlight the great work of Audrey from CNRS with her poster and presentation!

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