Recyclable, sugar-derived foam

Polyurethanes in products from cushy sofas to stretchy spandex have made sitting, sleeping and walking more comfortable. But once they have served their purpose, most of the non-degradable materials pile up in landfills. Now scientists report in the journal ACS Macro Letters a potential way to reduce future waste: a chemically recyclable foam made using a new sugar-derived material.


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Sperm whales found dead due to plastik

No one is happy to hear these news, but it is still a reality we face nowadays..
Post-mortem on thirteen dead sperm whales finds their stomachs full of plastic. The plastic included a 13-metre-long fisherman’s net and a 70-centimetre piece of plastic from a car.

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Think before you drink

This infographic highlights the impact that plastic bottles are having on our environment.
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Forum BioChem 2016

Venue: 2. Juni – 3. Juni, Amicale ESBS, Parc d’innovation – Pôle A.P.I, 300 boulevard Sébastien Brant, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden,France

Research in biology and chemistry is increasingly interconnected around key areas and major societal challenges such as health, food security, new sources of energy, environment, and adaptive systems. This convergence is found in the context of fundamental approaches as in innovation towards the development of new technological and scientific platforms, and industrial applications. 


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Meeting in Dublin

Not only P4SB is active on social media these days.
Thank you SynBio lab at Surrey for the nice meeting in Dublin. UCD is really an excellent meeting place.

We definitely recommend to have a look at SynBio lab at Surrey!

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Also there is a new video about P4SB

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PROTEUS shares P4SB on their website

Our project partner PROTEUS just shared P4SB on their website.

We are thankful for this and recommend you to have a look at their website!

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CSIC develops first PHA film

See the first result of our project!

The pictures shows a full piece of PHA film produced in the lab of our project partner CSIC.

P4SB WDR Lokalzeit Aachen

P4SB had the pleasure to be interviewed and filmed by the WDR TV-show 'Lokalzeit Aachen'.
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PHA in the spotlight

The bioplastics magazine is currently reporting a lot about this alternative to man-made plastic.

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Press Release in English

Our latest press release has been translated into English and starts to circulate now. Great to see that we made it into the bioplastics magazin!

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